More Photos

Another Roman oil lamp from a later period

Early Roman ("Herodian") oil lamp

Early Roman owl with convoluted lip

The Roman theater at Sepphoris (our Field II)

Sketch of the basilica at Sepphoris (our Field V)

Mosaics of the basilica at Sepphoris

Jack finds himself in Israel

Square V.91

Mediterranean Sea at the Caesarea aqueduct

The beach at Dor

In the Dead Sea (Jack floats!); the hills of Jordan are just visible in the background

In front of the Dead Sea

"...and it's a big thumbs up from Jack Wilgus as he rises from the dead!"

Ruthie is very happy to have been buried at Beit Shearim.

In front of the tomb of Judah "the Prince" at Beit Shearim (he died at Sepphoris)

Sea of Galilee

Locked out: Dr. Strange fashions a pick to pick the lock. Maybe Jack will tell him how he got in.

Roman theater at Beit Shean; the bronze age tell rises in the background

Jack and Anna posing with the Jesus Christ Superstar tree

Jack on top of Tell Beit Shean

Anna on Tell Beit Shean with the Roman and Byzantine city below

Hollow whale sculpture at Acco; I think that's Jack inside it and Anna ignoring him to the side.

Students took a side trip to Acco on their own.

Panorama from V.130

Aaron in v.130

You can barely see Anna in V.94

Jack in V.91

Tommy is very excited about V.90

Panorama of our excavation areas in 2009

Mosaic in Square V.44

Geometric mosaic in Squares V.39 and 53; notice the ancient repair in the lower right

Duck on lotus in Squares V.39 and 53

Game board in mosaic floor; the Greek says "good luck"

Ruthie wets the mosaic to make the colors stand out for photography

Anna; do you suppose she's happy because it's the last day of digging?

Joanna Strange uses "R2D2" to clean V.90 for final photos while Anna and Carolin pose

Joanna Strange, Anna Wilgus, and Dig Director James F. Strange (A.K.A. "Abuna")

Anna naps during fruit break

Abuna and Aaron during fruit break

Dr. Strange during fruit break

Aaron draws top plan

Sunrise at Sepphoris

The Samford group at Megiddo

Caroline, Anna, and Ruthie wading in the mighty Jordan

Ruthie and others walking through the water works at Sepphoris

Leiser Watkins gets a signed t-shirt as a going away present

Sitting in the cavea of the partially reconstructed theater at Sepphoris

Jack and Caroline finish cleaning square V.91 for final photos.

Glenn anchors the Joshua cloth

Aaron anchors the photography ladder for Dr. Strange (you can just make out Caroline and part of Jack in the square below Aaron)

The Greek inscription says "Good luck" apparently referring to a game board.

Tommy, Anna, Glenn, and Aaron stop the sun with the "Joshua cloth" so that Dr. Lucille Roussin can photograph the mosaic.

The whole group at the Hotel Galilee in Nazareth, with some of the hotel staff

Samford group in the Atlanta airport before the trip;
from left: Jack Wilgus, Aaron Carr, Caroline May, Anna Wilgus, James Strange, Ruthie Wilkerson, Tommy Archer


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