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First lamp mold found on the second day of digging by Hannah James  Drawing in curbstones of a Roman road  Mary Knapp carries the prism pole.  Hannah James, Mary Knapp, and Abuna  Christina Schmitt surveys in the Roman road. First day: clear the site of thistles that have grown during the winter rains.
First Letter from Nazareth
I begin this post on Friday morning because I think Sunday will be a busy day. [Note: Internet was down most of the weekend, and the general business of the dig has occupied my time, so I am posting on Wednesday.]
The advance crew arrived safely, and after I collected a rental van from Avis we headed to Nazareth, where we met my parents and staff of the hotel.We received many warm greetings in a medley of English, Arabic, and Hebrew.  As we have come to expect, we ate well in the hotel’s  renovated dining room, then most of us showered and were in bed early.
The next day at the site we met Motti Aviam, our Associate Director and a professor at Kinneret Academic College on the Sea of Galilee (doesn’t the name alone make you want to enroll?).He delivered the surveying equipment that he stores during the year, we discussed logistics for the coming season, and then our team began to survey in the archaeological grid.Most of the students had received some traini…