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Gordon Salyers: In Memoriam

I wrote this post on June 24 and sent it to family, friends, and colleagues. 

Dear Family andFriends,
I am beginning this letter on the train from Haifa to Ben Gurion Airport.I moved to a window seat on the right side of the car so that I could see the Mediterranean, but I mostly catch glimpses through industrial areas and medium-rise apartments whose designer chose not to squander his imagination on living spaces.Oh, there it is, just a few hundred feet away.Maybe I will catch the sunset.
I’m leaving the country early to be with Laura, Sarah, and my in-laws at the memorial service for Laura’s father, Gordon Salyers.He died yesterday after a prolonged decline following a stroke around five years ago.At Shikhin, my parents, Aaron Carr, and Dr.s Denny and Connie Groh will complete the final drawings, supervise the backfilling of our archaeological squares, and see to the storage of our artifacts.I am profoundly grateful for their help.
I am also grateful for Gordon, for he helped Laura …
The Samford group at Khirbet Qana (NT Cana?) overlooking the Beit Netofa Valley; clockwise from upper left: Joe Clark, Aaron Carr, James Strange, Adam Quinn, Laura Snyder, Rachel Smith, Maggie Johnson, David Bayless
At the Roman aqueduct near Caesarea; L-R back: Carlos Lugo, Rachel  Stivers-Bender, Joe Clark, Rachel Smith, Olivia Leftwich, Andrew Watkins; L-R front: Michael Leung, Adam Quinn, David Bayless, Maggie Johnson, Laura Snyder, Claire Oldfather

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