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Samford Summer in Israel is a program of Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama. Samford students excavate in Israel for four weeks and receive credit for the course Field Methods in Archaeology, offered by Dr. James Riley Strange, Assistant Professor of Religion at Samford's Howard College of Arts and Sciences. This blog contains his logs as well as logs and photos from students on the trip. The first Samford Summer in Israel trip took place from June 5 to July 6 2009.

In 2009 and 2010 Samford students participated in the University of South Florida Excavations at Sepphoris, directed by Dr. James F. Strange (a.k.a. "Abuna"), Distinguished Professor of Religious Studies at USF. In 2011 Samford students took part in a new project at the site of Shikhin near Sepphoris.

Visit the Samford Summer in Israel Facebook page by clicking the link to the right.

For more information about the department of religion at Samford University visit their web site at http://howard.samford.edu/religion/.

To inquire about participating in Samford Summer in Israel, contact Dr. James Riley Strange at 205-726-4543 or jrstrang@samford.edu.

The two posts following this one contain the texts of e-mails sent by Dr. James R. Strange to his fellow faculty members and administrators at Samford.


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  2. I don't think I ever replied to this post. It's two-years later, and I certainly would like for you to link to the blog. I apologize for the delay.

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