To Jerusalem

I'm sorry that it has been such a long time since my last post. The more you dig the more you multiply paperwork, and the last week of the dig is especially busy.

We've drawn final top plans and sections, taken final photos, had our final party, and just now we are scheduled to eat our final lunch in the Hotel Galilee. Then it's down to Jerusalem for an evening at the Western Wall and dinner. Tomorrow and the next day (Sat and Sun) there will be optional tours of sites and museums, and we'll be on the plane back to the States very early Monday morning. I'll have more to say later to try to sum up what has been a very successful season, both for USF Excavations at Sepphoris (the first excavations in nine years) and for the inaugural year of Samford Summer in Israel. The students left the States as novices and will return home as trained field archaeologists.

James Strange


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