Dig Pictures

Randy and Aaron excavating

Area Supervisor Randy O'Neal

Joanna Strange, Anna, and Virginia Skeeter drawing final top plan

Tommy again

Matt McRae

Lunch in the hotel dining room

Claudia Dold

Area Supervisor Dr. Connie Groh

Anna Wilgus taking notes in the square from Area Supervisor Joanna Strange

Glenn Downing

Jack Wilgus and Caroline May drawing top plan

Tommy Archer and a sherd from a Roman bowl

Matt McRae, Tommy Archer and Dr. Groh excavating a balk

Dr. Strange, Anna, Jack, Caroline and Glenn discussing stratification in the balk

Dr. Strange, Anna, Jack and Caroline reading the balk

Jack Wilgus and Glenn Downing

Caroline May and Glenn Downing sifting

Anna Wilgus pointing to the top stone of a wall

Aaron Carr


  1. Y'all look great! Keep us all posted.

    Your compatriot,

    Charleston Wilson


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